Approval for restricted categories in Amazon

Amazon always want that the customer are able to shop products easily without facing any issue. Customer should be confident while buying any product, which is the reason Amazon has put so many checks and rules while updating details in product categories. For you certain types of products and category, amazon can ask for additional fees and can put performance checks. Certain qualifications are also required while taking approvals.  Sometime Even if selling in a category does not require approval from Amazon, selling certain products may require Amazon category approval. Sellers must meet additional qualifications to sell certain brands or list within certain categories on Amazon. You should list products in the appropriate product categories.

Certain products in categories can only be listed after the approval and specific permission by the Amazon. Sellers who have professional selling plan subscription can sell the product in the portal. Seller must meet the standards for products and listing quality also category specific requirements to sell in specific categories. It ensure better customer experience. Customer can easily search the product they are looking for. These standards help Amazon customers have confidence when buying in any category. Seller may frustrate doing all this work as they have other important things to do. AMZGATES provides you all the Amazon category approval services which are really important from the perspective of seller to sell the product online.

Approval for your category and description

We take approval for the restricted categories so you can sell your products smoothly. You may find it difficult in describing your product which may result in low sell and less revenue. We help you to improve the visibility and gain extra traffic. You may have the most amazing product but no one is really buying it. You must be amazed. How this could happen? You also know that you have priced it correctly. And in the most competitive environment, you are providing best price than anyone else. But have you ever took time to write a thoughtful product description? If you answer it no that means you do not realize the importance of product description can be to a consumer. AMZGATES can work for you for Amazon ungating services.

During the application and other processes we will guide you throughout the process to get the painful amazon category approvals. When it comes to grow our business you need to have categories ungated.  Amazon always make sure their customers are happy and enjoy shopping easily. This is the reason they carefully examine the third party seller. They will see every aspect of the seller who are selling the products with them. Amazon’s number one priority is customer and they can never compromise with their satisfaction. And that is the reason they have made process so systematic and bit tricky.

We work with our full potential to make your online journey fruitful. You can anytime contact us and we are ready to provide you with labeling, description, project development etc.


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